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Whenever a Cajun fiddler cocks his head back and cries “Eh-Ha-Ha!” it’s a shout-out to the ghost of Harry Choates, the Port Arthur-raised “godfather of Cajun music.” You’re sure to hear a few of the exuberant yelps this coming Saturday, Oct. 5, as the Galveston Historical Foundation celebrates Choates’ music with a free concert at Hendley Green, a downtown Galveston park. Gulf Coast musicians Kevin Anthony & G-Town, who’ve recently recorded an album of Choates’ songs, will play from 6-8 p.m.

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Happy birthday Harry Choates!

Kevin and Chris took a trip up to Port Arthur today to wish Harry Choates a happy birthday! Harry was born on December 26, 1922. He died in 1951 but in his 28 years he made quite an impression and left a musical legacy that is carried on to this day. He brought together Cajun music, Texas swing, Mexican folk, blues and jazz to create a truly original Texas Gulf Coast sound. We are excited and honored to be working on a tribute album for Mr. Choates which we hope to record in 2019!

Here's to you Harry!

Watch the vide here:

(Also, Harry Choates was known to pull practical jokes on his bandmates. We are hoping he was just messing with us and having a laugh at the end of the video!)

Five reasons to come to our Oct. 13 show at the Old Quarter!

Five reasons you should come to the Oct. 13 show at the Old Quarter

1. This is our last show before Kevin Anthony & G-Town go to Fort Worth for the Texas Country Music Awards! Come celebrate with them and wish them luck!
2. The cover is $10 and it includes a free drink!
3. Grifters & Shills will be opening up the show!
4. Kevin Anthony & G-Town will be playing all new music from their upcoming album that they will be recording at SugarHill Studios in December! Come to the show to find out about this unique project that honors one of the founders of the Gulf Coast Sound!
5. This is Kevin Anthony & G-Town's last public, full band show in 2018! They are setting aside time to get ready for their recording project so if you want to see the entire G-Town gang all in one place, you better be there Oct. 13!

We are in the top five of the Texas Country Music Association awards!

Kevin Anthony & G-Town is in the final round of the Texas Country Music Association, Inc. awards! Thank you to everyone who nominated the band now we need your help one more time!

Final Round Voting is between July 1 and August 5, 2018 on the TCMA website and winners will be announced at the 2018 Texas Country Music Awards Oct. 15 at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth! Help us bring home some hardware to Galveston!

Please take a minute to vote for the band and three of the band members. We are in four categories:

  • Cajun Country Artist of the Year: Kevin Anthony & G-Town

  • Bassist of the Year: Christopher Smith

  • Fiddle Player of the Year: Kevin Anthony

  • Steel Guitar Player of the Year: Jim Hall

Follow this link to vote:

You don't need to vote in the other categories if you don't want to. Just make sure to vote for us!

Please vote and then get everyone you know to vote for us!

Thanks Y'all!

Nominate us for Cajun Country Artist of the Year

Help us make it to the final round of the Texas Country Music Association, Inc. awards by filling out the nomination form:

Make sure to nominate Kevin Anthony & G-Town for Cajun Country Artist of the Year!

We have a shot at making it to the award show later this year!

April Tour Button Contest!

Kevin Anthony & G-Town has nine different shows or sets during the month of April. Kevin and the band are going to be hustling like crazy and we are hoping y’all will come along for the wild ride. So, with that in mind, we are going to play a little game in April.

You can find all the shows we are playing on our website or on Facebook:

For every show you come to in April, you get a button. Collect more buttons for bigger and better prizes!

  1. button: You get a button! (They are pretty dang cool buttons) 
  2. buttons: A Jump the Fence album download card
  3. buttons: We'll make a ringtone out of your favorite song of ours 
  4. buttons: Kevin sings you a song on your voicemail message (Think Seinfeld's “George isn't at home”)
  5. buttons: A booklet put together by the band with the stories and inspiration behind the songs on Jump the Fence
  6. buttons: We'll make you a unique show poster with your name on it!
  7. buttons: We'll make you a one of a kind T-shirt
  8. buttons: We'll play you a show for free (at a mutually agreeable time and place)
  9. buttons: Grand prize! We'll write a song about you! (no guarantees on quality or time frame for when the song will be finished)

All you have to do to collect your button is talk to one of the band members during a break or before or after every show you go to in April. To claim your prize, take a picture of yourself wearing all the buttons you collected and post it on Facebook and tag Kevin Anthony & G-Town!

(Fine print: No cheating! You can’t just have all your friends come to one show and get buttons for you. We’ll be keeping track! Only one button per person, per show!)

New video for "Evangeline" released!

Kevin Anthony & G-Town have a new video for the fan favorite "Evangeline" of of the new album, Jump The Fence. The band created the video for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest. If the NPR judges like the video the band might end up behind the desk at the NPR offices. 

Check out the video, and maybe hit the like button and leave a comment, here:

You never know, maybe your comments could help sway the judges!

You can find out more about the contest here: