jump the fence

The perfect Gulf Coast blend of Texas Country, Cajun & Tex-Mex from our Texas Gulf Coast!


Live at Old quarter acoustic café

Real Texas music captured live in 2015 at the historic Old Quarter Acoustic Café in Galveston, Texas!


45 southbound

Recorded in Galveston and celebrating Kevin Anthony's return to the island!


north star

A blend of Texas country & Cajun music at it's finest!



Take a little Peggy Sue, Cajun fiddle, jumping sawdust and mama too for the latest release from Kevin Anthony and G-Town. Jump the Fence is the 10th album from this South Texas boy born where the Gulf Coast waters flow, but he’s got a little French Cajun somewhere in him too.

Anthony’s songs are well crafted and timeless. Add to the mix an old timer or two, Hill Country gals, twangy guitars, and weeping pedal steel, and you get the kind of music that your Grandpa would’ve listened to, the kind of music that takes you back to the good old days of good time radio.

Everything’s a little bit sweet, not too spicy and a tasty bowl of gumbo mixed in there too. You can’t help but tap your foot and slap your knee. Oh, and he can sing it all in French too.

From the moment “Listen to Your Heart” kicks off, with a little "Evangeline" thrown in, until the final title “Jump the Fence” finishes off, you’ll find yourself singing along with chicken-pickin’ licks, freight train backbeats, hand-clapping ditty’s, and a sad song or two.

For their latest release, Kevin and the boys headed to a small wooden recording studio in the parishes of Southwest Louisiana to work with Grammy-winning producer Joel Savoy.

Known for his work with Steve Earle, Wayne Toups, Doug Kershaw, Linda Ronstadt, The Pine Leaf Boys, T-Bone Burnett and more, Joel set up a legendary one room studio once frequented by Cajun legends Dennis McGee, Wade Fruge, Cheese Read, and more.

“I wanted his influence on this album so that’s why I chose to work with him,” Kevin recalls. “This album is a little
of both sides of the border of Texas and Louisiana and needed someone with his depth of experience to steer it in
the right direction.”

While Kevin and the boys can spend up to 100+ days a year traversing blacktops, at home you can find him tinkering on his vintage pickup truck or setting up drums for his little boy. He’s a genuine family man, the kind you can find playing fiddle, not only in honky-tonks across Texas and backwoods Louisiana Blue Moon Saloons, but in his backyard with his two-stepping family and friends under a big Texas moon, just like Grandpa would have wanted.

Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar / Kevin Anthony
Bass / Christopher Smith Gonzalez
Guitar, Vocals / Dwight Wolf

Steel Guitar/ Jim Hall
Drums / Joel Mora

Drums/ Nicole "Jelly Roll" Mendell