Join us for the Sunday Hootenanny at

Galveston Island Brewing 1pm-4pm

join us starting sunday october 6th 2019!

This is my first attempt to establish an acoustic "jam" in Galveston since I returned. I've attended and organized jams in New York City & Minneapolis over the past 15 years that are still going today. 

This jam is a weekly open jam in a family friendly setting. Jam is open for players of all skill levels. Come join us and swap tunes on fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, etc.

Since this is an acoustic jam I'd like to keep the instruments non-electrified. If you have a case where you really need to use an amp, i.e. steel guitar, please be aware of your volume level so that it doesn't overpower the other instruments.

Jam will be led weekly by Kevin Anthony & rotating visiting musicians. Music will be primarily Americana, Bluegrass, country, blues, Tejano, Cajun, folk, but anything is fine, just be sure that you can play your song and let the other players know which key the song is in. 

We like to keep things simple so keep songs simple within 3-4 chords at the most. Yes, some songs have more chords, but they should be something that everyone can follow. Anything more than that is a "jam buster" and considered "showboating" and basically nobody cares.

Let's pass a good time together sharing music! Bring the whole family to enjoy! There's a playground for the kids and ice cold beverages for the adults!

Galveston Island Brewing

8423 Stewart Road

Galveston, Texas 77554